Mystery Shopping Group

A Leading Mystery Shopping Company

Mystery Shopping Group provide services to businesses seeking customer service excellence.  We identify your company's strengths and weaknesses.  We measure and optimize your operations, improve customer satisfaction and maximize sales.


About Us

PT. Melia Sukma Inspirasi is the leading Mystery Shopping company in Indonesia.

By offering efficient services and high quality relationships with our clients and shoppers, we are able to assist our clients in improving their cashflow and long term existence and profitability.

We offer an accurate, reliable, and inexpensive method of quality control which provides you with a means of identifying both customer service's strength (which can be rewarded) and weaknesses (which can be improved).

We reach a full understanding of your company, its employees and clients in order to be able to provide you with a full scale picture of how each action affects your business.

Founded in Jakarta, Indonesia, PT. MSI has a wide variety of shoppers.  Our shoppers consist of professionals in retail sales, marketing, retail banking, and administrative management ranging from locals to expats.  The results are high quality, informed, detailed reports from each shopping visit performed.

We are a proud member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association Asia/Pacific (MSPA-AP), the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources.